Bethany Lee is an oil painter and stone carver residing in Washington, DC. She is currently focusing on small oil landscapes from life. Please contact her at to inquire about purchasing or commissioning an oil painting.

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Below is her current inventory of oil paintings. Email Bethany at to inquire about purchase.

16th St. Bridge, Oil on Linen Panel, 6”x8;” Washington, DC, April 2021
At the end of 17th Street NW, where is runs into Piney Branch Parkway, is a little oasis of grass and trees and a creek. 16th Street crosses Piney Branch Parkway over the bridge pictured in this scene.
Fallen Tree in Rock Creek, 6”x8;” Washington, DC, April 2021
Fallen trees lie in the water all along the banks of Rock Creek. Water rushes around them where they enter the water, and the parts that lie on the bank accumulate debris, obscuring the dividing line between bank and stream. I enjoy the contrast of light and shadow on the trunk and branches and the abstract patterns formed by the bank, tree, and water.
James River, Oil on Linen Panel, 6”x8;” Richmond, VA, April 2021
Looking east from the south bank of the James River, this is a view of the river, Hwy. 301, and buildings from the the city in the distance.
Rock Creek Bank, Oil on Linen Panel, 6”x8;” Washington, DC March 2021
South of Pierce Mill, on the path along Rock Creek, there is a place were the creek rushes faster and there are places along the bank to paint and to listen to the water.
Rock Creek Bend in Spring, Oil on Linen Panel, 6”x8;” April 2021, Washington, DC
The spot where this view was painted is near the footbridge, just north of the Zoo in Rock Creek Park. It’s a beautiful spot to paint, hidden on top of a drainage outlet, and it always has the sound of rushing water.
St Jerome Institute, Oil on Panel, 6”x8;” September 2020, Washington, DC
This is an oil sketch of the back of the buildings of St. Jerome Institute High School. The shadows and light on the building in the morning make a dramatic composition.
Three Rocks in Rock Creek, 6”x8;” Washington, DC, April 2021
Painted in the same spot as I painted Fallen Tree in Rock Creek, in this piece, I focused on the rocks as rocks rather that as objects creating abstract designs. This piece is about the rocks and water with the opposite bank as background. 
Meridian Hill Park View in the Rain, 8”x10; Washington, DC, Feb. 2021
There is an outlook at Meridian Hill Park that is (as far as I know) the only place in NW DC to see a good skyline view of the whole city. This painting was painted on a few different mornings while it was raining. As in, I really was under an umbrella while painting it.
Wilson’s Garage, 6”x8;” Washington, DC, April, 2021
This view is of Mount Pleasant Street, looking north from where it crosses Harvard Street. It shows Mount Pleasant Auto Repair’s covered entrance and the row of shops adjacent to it. The irregular silhouettes of early 20th cen. buildings and the fusion of greenery and architecture is one of the things that makes the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of DC so charming.