Bethany Lee is an oil painter and stone carver residing in Washington, DC. She is currently focusing on small oil landscapes from life.

**UPDATE August 26th, 2021: Bethany is currently traveling from the end of August until October 26. She will be studying human figure clay modeling and stone carving in the area around Florence, Italy. To read about her travels, check her blog and sign up for her email list. She will be continuing to paint while on her travels and is offering “Italian Postcards,” 6×8 oil paintings on paper, for $50 each. If you purchase one, she’ll pop it in the mail for you today, and you will have a beautiful painting and the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the continuance and thriving of realist painting and traditional stone carving, providing generations to come with opportunities to be lifted up by transcendental experiences of beauty. 

Here are her available “Italian Postcards.”

View from La Cruce, Italy, 6″x8″ Oil on Paper
View from Frassinoro Town Center, 6″x8″ Oil on Paper
Frassinoro Piazza, 6″x8″ Oil on Paper
View from Montefiorino, 6″x8″ Oil on Paper

Below is her current inventory of oil paintings on linen panels. These paintings are available, but as Bethany is traveling, will not be delivered until after Oct. 26th. Email Bethany at to inquire about purchase.

To keep up-to-date on her latest work, shows, and other studio happenings, follow her on Instagram @belfineart or sign up for her email list here.

Dos Gringos in Mount Pleasant (Washington, DC), Oil on Paper, 9.25″x12,” July 2021
View from Alley Behind Elle in Mount Pleasant (Washington, DC) 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel, June 2021
Mount Pleasant Main St. (Washington, DC), 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel, July 2021
View from Meridian Hill Park, 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel
Red Barn at Reddemeade Equestrian Center, 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel
Under Beach Drive Bridge, 6″x8″ Oil on Panel
Rock Creek Bend by Footbridge – Summer, 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel