Bethany Lee is a stone carver residing in Washington, DC.

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Bethany works primarily on commission. Please contact her for a quotation on your carving project! She does have a few pieces on hand, however, and below is her currently available inventory. Please inquire regarding pricing.

Crown Inspired by Illustration in Pugin’s Gothic Sourcebook, Limestone, 9″ High
Other Echos, Limestone, 9-1/2″x20″x3-1/2″
View from Alley Behind Elle in Mount Pleasant (Washington, DC) 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel, June 2021
Mount Pleasant Main St. (Washington, DC), 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel, July 2021
Red Barn at Reddemeade Equestrian Center, 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel
Under Beach Drive Bridge, 6″x8″ Oil on Panel
Rock Creek Bend by Footbridge – Summer, 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel