Blessed William Joseph Chaminade

Portrait Medallion in Alberene Soapstone of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade. The portrait is based on a contemporary, anonymous (as far as I can tell) painting.

Finished Portrait Medallion.
Medallion Separated from the block.
Ready to separate the round of the medallion from the rest of the stone and clean up the background and edges.
Carving down to the final depth of the background and adjusting depths of the big shapes.
Working out the big shapes.
Finding the contours of the big shapes.
The stone medallion is basically dimensioned. Excess stone will remain attached as it it easier to work with a heavier block that doesn’t move when stuck with the tools.
The highest parts of the relief will be about 1-3/4.”
Finding the Proper Depth
Taking Away Un-Needed Material
Inscribing a Circle
The Stone Easel
The Working Drawing
The Portrait Painting