Born and raised in Minnesota, Bethany holds a BA in sculpture (’03) from the University of Dallas. After graduation, she worked on private commissions in stone, wood and cast concrete. Relocation to New York City and a desire to make her work more personally driven led to the creation of her blog News From the Studio which she has maintained since 2013. The blog involved regularly drawing from life, a practice which eventually grew into plein air landscape painting. In order to improve her skills in life drawing and landscape painting, she entered the drawing and painting program at the Florence Academy of Art in Jersey City, NJ in 2016 and is currently a student there.

It is of note than the artist has enjoyed the unmerited support and generosity of her family – support without which her artistic endeavors would not be possible.

Bethany sells her work on commission, at fairs and street markets, or through display at local businesses. Prints of her work can be purchased through her page on FineArtAmerica. Look for Bethany on the streets of New York, plein air painting and peddling her wares, contact her here or follow her on her Facebook page and on Instagram.