Hirshhorn Museum Sculpture Garden

This is a view of the Smithsonian from the Hirshhorn Museum Sculpture Garden. The sculpture in the foreground is Horse and Rider by Marino Marini. I set out to make it resemble my recent drawing of New York Harbor in these respects: a wild/natural looking foreground, vertical objects leading the eye to a focal point, and some object as the focal point/object in distance that was recognizably “DC.” I also wanted to include a lamppost. However, lampposts placed in just such a configuration were not to be found. I actually intended to make a composition with the Washington monument. But, then the vertical lines of the horse and the vertical lines of the Smithsonian Towers and flagpole presented themselves. And, so, I put the wild/natural part in the middle ground and added some linear perspective, and voila.
There is no sculpture sketch today before I spent too much time on this drawing.

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