Did an on-line video tutorial today…

I’ve been looking for good art schools for about five month, and now I can report that I found one excellent video tutorial. Yes, my educational progress is very slow in coming. Truth is, I have a long list of schools, but none of them are quite what I am looking for right now. However, this guy, Thomas Kegler, had exactly what I was looking for. I’m starting with convenient and inexpensive (read “on-line”) and working my way up to difficult to get to and costs an arm and a leg. Anyways, this is a video on plein-air painting which is what I have been focusing on. And, it’s really good. What a find!


I did the video, and it helped me a lot.
So, if you’ve got any landscape artists looking for resources, here’s a little gem.

This is what I sketched in one hour as the light was fading after doing the video:

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