Oil Paintings

Bethany paints small oils from life – mostly landscape and still life. She especially enjoys plein air painting. Here are a few examples. Check out most of her recent work on her Instagram 

Dos Grinsgos, Washington, DC; Oil on Paper, 9.25″x12″ 2021
View from La Cruce, Alpi Apuani, Italy; Oil on Paper 6″x8″ 2021
The Mugnone, Florence, Italy, Sept 2021, Oil on Paper
Master Copy of Wooded Landscape (Original by Ivan Shishkin, Russian Painter 1832-1898), 8″x10″ Oil on Linen Panel, June 2021
Wilson’s Garage, 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel, April 2021
Footbridge Over Rock Creek, 6″x8″ Oil on Linen Panel, May 2021
Rock Creek at Pierce Mill, 6″x8″ Oil on Panel
Rock Creek Park in Winter, 6″x8″ Oil on Panel
The Firebush, 6″x8″ Oil on Panel