Cast Drawing of Bust of Niccolo da Uzzano

This is an example of one of my recent academic drawings from the Florence Academy of Art where I am currently a student in the drawing and painting program. Just as I started the show with a sample of older work that had a thematic link to the Growing Home Show, so I am concluding the show with a piece made after my Sheen Center residency and pointing to the future – what I hope to be making. The pieces in the Growing Home Show have as a foundation the observation of nature. In my education at the Florence Academy, I am getting to get into the nitty-gritty of observational drawing, breaking it down. I’m not just drawing a green leaf now, I learning about what green is and what it means and how to use it (so to speak – in class, I’m still just using black and white.) So, my work in the future will still probably by based on observational drawing of my ordinary surroundings, but I will have a much larger visual vocabulary and more skill at using it.
This is a cast drawing which means that it is a drawing of a plaster cast (usually of an old master – this one is of Raphael’s portrait of Niccoloa da Uzzano).

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