New Projects

This week, I started taking a landscape class and restarted making pavers.
I also got down to the Tidal Basin in DC and drew the cherry blossoms.
The landscape class is a weekly workshop at the Schuler School of Fine art in Baltimore. The first day produced a half-finished landscape:

As stated, I’ve started making pavers again. I started by purchasing a 12″x12″ concrete paver from Home Depot. Then I made a mold of it using Smooth-On Rebound 25 with a Smoothe-On Shell Shock mother mold. Into this mold, I then cast microcrystalline wax on which I will make designs. Then, I will make a mold of the wax paver with designs and cast multiple “fine art” pavers with designs on them.
All set up for mold making:

The finished mold with wax ready to be melted and poured into the mold:

The finished wax duplicate:

Lastly, I visited the famous cherry blossoms in Washington, DC and drew them:

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