Further Developments on the Paver Project

Here are some pictures from the last week of a wax model for paver #1 and mold making pictures for paver #1, blank 12″x12″ and blank brick-shaped pavers.

Also, images from drawing this week: Kilbourne, 5″x7″ colored pencil, a black and white plein air and then color from the black and white drawing Mount Pleasant Houses, 5″x7″ colored pencil.

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4 Replies to “Further Developments on the Paver Project”

  1. alma fontane

    I met you in the Bronx, you were drawing the train station in Parkchester. I bought a print of Frogtown, St Paul, MN for my granddaughter but I am interested in the drawing of the Parkchester Station. Please contact me if possible

  2. Bethany

    Thank you for contacting me. Parkchester Station sold as soon as I finished it, but I would be happy to do another one and send you a picture of it to see if you want that one instead.

  3. Bethany

    Alma, If this is my 2nd message, please excuse the repetition. I'm having a little trouble with my blog.
    The painting of Parkchester Station sold as soon as I finished it, however, I would be happy to make another one for you and send a picture when it is ready. It could be mailed to you.

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