A Day in the Life…

This is my day today. It represents a typical day of my residency.

Early morning, leave home with a roller bag full of plein air painting supplies.
Walk awhile, looking for a good place to paint and taking pictures of different scenes for future reference.

Settle on a good spot, set up my selling-stand and easel. Paint a cityscape and sell paintings.
Finish a cityscape (or two), photograph it, pack up, and head home to clean up, restock, and pack up for the next day’s painting adventure.
And, that’s my morning.
Walk half a dozen blocks to the Con Artist Collective. 
Hang out in the basement where all the messy people work. (There’s a gallery and a clean work space upstairs.)
Today, I de-molded the first cast of the planter and then brainstormed the next project. Other days I spend modeling, mold-making, or casting.
When I’m done for the day, I go upstairs to the clean workspace and do stuff on the computer, for instance, posting on my blog. 
Evenings, I go home and take care of my sunflower, the mascot of my residency. He was planted when I first arrived on July 15th. Now he is this big:
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