The description of my show for the Sheen Center says that I will be looking at what God’s creation has to say about the city of man. Allow me to use the planter just completed to expound a bit on what I have found. 
Here is the planter. Notice that it consists essentially of a simple, smooth shape adorned with more bumpy designs made of intricate organic shapes. 
Here is the painting I made today. Notice the contrast between the smooth, geometric form of the row houses and the mottled treetops. Anyone see a theme here?
One of the things I have learned – or perhaps just remembered – is that often times the visual communicated visually. Hm. Duh! So, what do I mean by that? I mean that in this case of my residency, I have asked a question by painting it and so my answer, or one of my answers is a visual one. I said to nature, “What do you say?” And, then I painted it. And nature said, “Texture!” And showed me some textures. 
It’s not deep, but it’s an answer. 

Also, here’s a sneak preview of my next sculpture progressing.

And, the sunflower continues to grow. It’s got a bud on it!

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