Garden Sculptures

Friday, I painted a camel at a playground. It was a large camel sculpture, the kind kids can climb on. A young lady, maybe 12 or 13 years old stopped to watch and talked to me: “What are you doing? I like to paint. That’s really good! Can I take a picture?” Then she followed me on Instagram. As much as she may have simply been interested in the fact of someone painting, I have to think it must have also been the camel. There was something compelling about the camel.
Last week, I painted a view of the Elizabeth Street Gardens. There were some sculptures, a variety of architectural elements, and several planters. A garden is beautiful in itself. What does it add to people it with man-made objects? The attraction of the Elizabeth street gardens lies in large part in profusion of these objects. I don’t know, but I am investigating the question by making something to go in a garden. It is a simple object, commonly found in gardens. It relates to plants and will incorporate some of the patterns that have emerged in my cityscape paintings. Here is the beginning of that object as well as a few of my cityscapes from last week.

Camel, Sarah Roosevelt Park, 5″x7″ Watercolor
Entrance to Think Coffee, Bowery & Bleecker, 5″x7″ Watercolor

 65 – 2nd Ave, 5″x7″ Watercolor

Also, my mascot, Sunflower is growing slowly and just fine:

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